BUS/ACCT 492: Internship for Credit Application

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BUS 492/ACCT 492 Internship for Credit course is a three-credit General School of Business Elective course designed to give students the opportunity to gain practical, professional experience in conjunction with their academic development. The internship must be completed within same academic semester to receive course credit. 
Please review here regarding details of the course and requirements that must be met prior to enrolling in the course.
Student Information

Please enter a "gmu.edu" or "masonlive.gmu.edu" email address.
Please enter a "gmu.edu" or "masonlive.gmu.edu" email address.

To check your completed hours to date, please log into Patriot Web.
Enter the two digit month and four digit year.
You will need to complete the PDF version of this form.
Internship Site Information

A Supervisor is the individual in your company who will be responsible in supervising or training the intern. Please enter your immediate supervisor’s information. Failure to enter the Supervisors information correct can result in a delay with the application.

Please enter your hourly wage. If unpaid, enter 0.00.

Student Questions
A new internship is defined as an internship you are beginning either at the start of the semester you are applying for this course.

A continuing internship is defined as an internship you started in your previous semester and you are renewing/continuing the duration into your internship.
If you are Continuing an internship please attach your previous learning objectives to be compared to your current objectives and duties.

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Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives 
Learning Objectives are written statements describing specific measurable achievements to be accomplished or explored during an internship experience. Statements should reflect from your job description on what you plan to learn, skills and abilities you will acquire and accomplished objectives. Articulate in your own words the duties, tasks and projects you will be working toward as an intern. Please do no copy and paste your job description into the field below.

Please provide five or more learning objectives to be completed during your internship.

Student Certification 
I hereby certify that all information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand the requirements necessary for participation in the BUS/ACCT 492 Internship course. I understand that I am responsible for completing the course requirements listed in the course syllabus and completing the minimum number of hours at my internship site to receive credit for this course.

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George Mason University Experiential Learning Agreement

(the “Effective Date”), is made by and among

and George Mason University (“University”) (together, the “Parties”). The purpose of this Agreement is to place Student in a work assignment with the Site, as part of an experiential course of study, offered by the University for Academic Credit
Description of Internship Experience:
Site Supervisor
Faculty Supervisor: To be determined by the University 
Start Date and End Date: (dates must fall within the academic semester when the student is completing the experience)
Start Date End Date
The following documents are attached and are incorporated by reference. 

By checking the boxes you acknowledge that you have received and reviewed the documents. 
The Student, the Site, and the University agree with the above terms, and with the terms and conditions on Attachments A and B.

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